In 2010 Ray Silkman founded True Gifts Foundation Inc. TGFI is a youth advocacy program designed to encourage young people in the disciplines of singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, spoken word and drama. Participants are between the ages of 8 and 19 years old and are taught the behind the scenes elements of the music business as well as how to overcome challenges that may arise from being on stage in a public setting. For more information about this extraordinary foundation visit the link

Upcoming Performances

  • Jul 1
    The Standard,  Rockford
  • Jul 8
    Private Engagement,  Country Club Hills,
  • Jul 14
    Comcast Business Naperville,  Naperville
  • Jul 15
    Private Engagement,  South Bend
  • Aug 2
    Hyatt Regency Chicago,  Chiago

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