Starting out this year I have made some very definitive changes in my life. One of the major changes is my approach to my career. I have decided to streamline my operation and go with those who treat me with love and respect, particularly in the music world, that's why I have decided to let Host baby host my new website!!! 


2014-03-05 08:11:06 - Disney
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2013-10-04 22:54:00 - Starly
Your posting is ablulotesy on the point!
2013-02-16 05:03:21 - Darveen Dixon
Hi Ray, I met and fell in love with your sound and your spirit years ago as you played at The Cotton Club. You have a beautiful heart and you are extremely personable and down to earth, please stay that way as you grow. I have enjoyed your CD over the years and have introduced it to countless others and I can't wait to buy the new CD. I am super excited to see you tonight! When my boyfriend offered to take me to the Kem concert tonight I said thank you but I would much rather go to the Ray Silkman Valentines show. Continue to be blessed and stay sweet and humble. Hope to see a tribute CD to Luther Vandross as well as a gospel CD some day. Much love. Darveen Dixon.
2012-09-27 21:32:57 - Sonya E Treace
Ray I had the opportunity to hear you and your band play 2 years ago at a New Years Eve party in Oakbrook. I am so glad to hear that you will be back in Oakbrook next week. I've purchased every CD that you have put out and enjoyed your music. I think you are phenomenal and I love your sisters are beautiful and talented as well. can't wait to see you at pinstripes. keep up the awesome work. peace and blessings to you and yours : )
2012-05-11 12:23:58 - Ray Silkman
Thank you so much for your very encouraging words, it is people like you who keep me pushing for higher and further experiences that will help to enlighten the spirits of men though music. Be blessed and btw, we will be back in Hyde Park on July 6th,
2012-02-15 09:24:54 - Susan Boler
I just wanted to show you some love! I met you in Hyde Park in Chicago a few years ago and you were performing there. I instantly fell in love with your music and talent. Me and my niece purchased your CD which includes your famous "So Saxual". The entire album is commendable and I enjoy listening to you all the time. I hope life is being good to you and I am hoping for your much continued success. May God continue to keep and Bless you always.
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