On January 17, Ray SilkmanCorey Raé and Patrick Robinson brought the house down at Ray Silkman's debut performance at the 5-star rated CityGate Grille restaurant and entertainment venue in Naperville.

The house was FULL! Management of the CityGate Grille said they hadn't seen that many people on a Friday night in a long time!

Ray Silkman said, "My fans didn't let me down on this one and we are very excited about the opportunity to perform for our west suburban supporters throughout the year." The trio is slated to perform all year long as a special feature on the venue's entertainment roster.

Corey Raé said of the debut, "The audience was awesome; the experience was beyond amazing; and the energy was inspiring." Raé added that he is ecstatic about what lies ahead for him with his new collaboration with Silkscreen Productions.

When asked about the collaboration, Silkman stated "Corey Raé is a joy to work with and his voice is one of a kind. I am privileged to have the chance to work with a vocalist of his caliber and potential."

To learn when the trio will appear again at CityGate Grille, visit the Calendar at



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2014-02-28 23:18:21 - Camille Riley
Ray Silkman had CityGate Grille "JUMPING" last night!!! GREAT SHOW RAY! The vocalist, Corey is EXTRAORDINARY!!! The management said to me that they LOVE Ray!!! I encourage EVERYONE to be at Ray's next show!!! It will be well worth your effort! Ray, THANK YOU for making so many hearts happy!!! We your fans LOVE you dearly!!! Camille Riley
2014-01-30 11:40:00 - Pandorie
Ray Silkman is an amazing musician entertainer. I have enjoyed watching him perform with such passion and enthusiasm. He is humble and really respects his fans as he gives 110% to his audiences. Coray is a mega talented young man with a golden voice. I am thrilled to see him partnering with professional artists and musicians like Ray Silkman. Congratulations Ray and Coray!! Doris Pandorie Rolland
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