On January 17, Ray SilkmanCorey Raé and Patrick Robinson brought the house down at Ray Silkman's debut performance at the 5-star rated CityGate Grille restaurant and entertainment venue in Naperville.


Silkscreen Productions is in full swing! A lot of action has taken place since the start of the new year. This Chicago-based music production company has signed two (2) new contracts: one for a new artist and one for a new client. 

On January 8, 2014, Silkscreen Productions signed rising star and multifaceted singer-songwriter Corey Raé to an exclusive management/production contract. The signing comes on the heels of a stellar performance by Raé at Silkscreen's most recent concert - it's 1st Annual Holiday Gala and Dinner.

The new collaboration will team award-winning saxophonist and producer Ray Silkman with the talents of the extraordinary vocal and writing abilities of Corey Raé.

Raé's first solo CD project is scheduled for release later this year and will feature this young artist's versatility and refreshing contemporary sound.

In addition to signing a new artist, Silkscreen Productions has signed a contract with a new client, CityGate Grille in Naperville, IL. For one year, the "Soul Serenader" Ray Silkman will do a monthly performance, featuring Corey Raé at this American grille steeped in Mediterranean traditions with a passion for food, flavor and family.

With all of this activity, it looks like Silkscreen Productions is off to a good start for 2014!

Silkman endorses Dakota Sax 

For the month of January, Desire was the number one seller at CD This is welcomed news as the new CD has been doing quite well in recent months since the release. I am eternally grateful to all of the fans who have supported me throughout the years- my continued desire is to inspire the souls of men with music that all can feel and be encouraged by!

Starting out this year I have made some very definitive changes in my life. One of the major changes is my approach to y career. I have decided to streamline my operation and go with those who treat me with love and respect, particularly in the music world, that;s why I have decided to let Host baby host my new website!!! 

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